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Reuniting families in Nashville! Working on opening up communication!

Spring Revival 

“If you give your heart to God, He will give you His”

Brother Dan bringing the house down in Nashville!

Pastor Travis bringing the Word – “Living like you’re dying”

Brother Jimmy bringing the word to Nashville Thursday night!


Celebration Sunday March 2019

Congratulations to Rick Snodgrass on being Nashville’s Staff Member of the Month
Congratulations to Kaden Gross on being Nashville’s Client of the Month
Congratulations to Raymond Gallegos on being Nashville’s Reliable of the Month
Happy Birthday to Louis Stanzione, Richard Wilburn & Nicholas Clayton
Congratulations to our graduates in Nashville; Raymond Gallegos, John White, Tommy Mason, Philip Longtin & Terry Bricker

February 2019 Celebration Sunday

Congratulations Dwight Shockley on your graduation

Congratulations Patrick Thompson on your graduation

Congratulations Rickey Tartt on your graduation

Congratulations William Chase on your graduation

Congratulations Troy Bately on your graduation

Congratulations Jason Whitehead on your graduation

February Birthday

Client of the Month – Charles Graham Jr.

Reliable of the Month – Brandon Burger

Pastor Greg preaching at Safe Harbor of Nashville.

Foot Washing at Safe Harbor of Nashville.

If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you. Most assuredly, I say to you, a servant is not greater than his master; nor is he who is sent greater than he who sent him. If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them. – John 13:14–17 (NKJV)

Super Bowl Party in Nashville! 🏈


Celebration Sunday – January 2019

Bingo on New Year’s Eve


Merry Christmas from Nashville


Celebration Sunday December 2018

The last Celebration Sunday of 2018 ended with 5 graduations in Nashville! Congrats Guys!

Reliable of the Month goes to Ralph Jones! Congratulations

Client of the Month goes to Tommy Mason! Congratulations Tommy

December Birthdays: Reggie Adams, Darrin Hall, Herbert Childress, John Patton, Leslie Bean, David Armstrong & Tony Visger

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Nashville!


We would like to thank New Hope Church out of Franklin for taking the time to come and share a word, great music, and gift bags with our clients. The service was awesome and our doors are always open!

Thanksgiving in Nashville 2018


Join us for our Old Time Fall Revival Oct 15 – 20!

Nashville 3rd Quarter 2018 Newsletter – https://conta.cc/2IwA0bk

Safe Harbor of Nashville would like to recognize Shared Hospital Services Corporation as our Partner of the Quarter.
Shared Hospital Services Corporation (SHSC) is a co-operative Textile & Linen Services organization formed and owned by a group of Hospitals since 1979. Owners of SHSC include: Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Saint Thomas West, Saint Thomas Midtown and Williamson Medical Center. In addition to serving its owners, SHSC provides services to non-member customers.
SHSC provides a full spectrum of services which include: textile processing, linen cart preparation, comprehensive linen management, internal linen distribution at the hospitals and surgical and Pack Room services including pack sterilization. All through its history, SHSC has assisted our owners and customers in enhancing the patient experience at their facilities.
We currently have 14 men employed over 3 shifts with SHSC. The clients of Safe Harbor are getting back into the flow of work and most are starting life over. SHSC offers great pay, overtime hours and a stable work environment with full time employment.
We would like to thank SHSC for the continued partnership and hope to have many more years to come!

Celebration Sunday in Nashville. Congrats to our Graduates!

Congrats Dewight Shockley on your Reliable of the Month Award!

Safe Harbor of Nashville Birthday’s for September. Charles Graham, Doug Waldren, Ronald Bolton, Rafael Tucker, Joseph Fields, William Bennett, Richard Kennedy, and Adam Smothers!

Congratulations to Zachary Kelley & Donald Robert on your recent graduations! We wish you the best and pray for continued success for you both.

Purchase with purpose. Amazon donates to Lighthouse Mission Ministries, Inc. when you shop for back to school supplies at smile.amazon.com.
Just sign into your Amazon Smile account and search for Lighthouse Mission Ministries – Memphis, TN!

Congratulations to our recent graduates!

Happy 4th of July from Nashville!


Nashville’s most recent graduate and newest staff member. Welcome Michael Dotson to the team.

Certificates of appreciation for the three student vol drivers that put forth the extra effort this past week to make the impossible possible by getting everyone to work on time with being down 2 vans, a bus, and bus driver.
Thank you Anthony Fields, Garland Brison, and Ronald Bolton!


Safe Harbor of Nashville’s Second Quarter News


Have you been receiving our quarterly newsletters? If not and you would like to be added please send a request to mlyell@lhmm.org

Recent Graduations

Recent Baptisms

Safety First in Nashville!

Memorial Day…
Is the day that’s set aside to remember with gratitude and pride all those who served and died for our country and for our freedom.
May your day be filled with memories and peace.
God Bless America!

We want to give a huge thank you to Taylor Bus Sales for their donation to Safe Harbor! What they have done has gone above and beyond what we could ever imagine! If you’re in need of a bus for transportation please give them a call and let them know that Safe Harbor sent you!


My name is Walker & marijuana was my problem. I had a good job paying $13 an hour, but it drug tested, and I had my own place at the time. I used to spend my $600 checks on weed, 3 or 4 ounces at a time. I was drug tested at my job and was fired. I was so upset I just bought more and more weed til I had no money and lost my place. I moved in with a friend and I wanted to get high so bad I started selling my clothes and electronics just so I could smoke weed. I was on probation at the time and I failed drug test after drug test for 7 months straight. I ended up going to jail. When I went to court they offered me rehab or 6 months in jail and I chose rehab, thinking I can just slide by in there. Well I get here and through the first month I had the mind set of “smoke again when I get out”. I started going to these classes they had set up and I heard some words that rang true to me and it started to hit me. If I do the same thing when I get out will it be any different? Then I met some good people here that had their plan set and they gave me advice, good advice at that. So after about my third month I started to pray to God to get me out of this mindset. Not even two weeks later they gave me the news “we’re sending you to our best job”. Everything seemed to be coming together and I haven’t thought about weed in a month, and I was so happy that for once I was focused on doing good for me. By my 6 month I’ve got a great job, I’ve got a plan for when I get out and a new mind set. I’ve gained so many old relationships I had lost, including family, friends and most importantly God! Now for anyone looking to turn their selves around and to be a new person and drop the past, Safe Harbor is the place to go . They give you these insightful classes that give you a look at other lives and mistakes, but more importantly the things you can do to fix them and how to mend them . They teach you to manage money and help you set up a bank account. This place is amazing and has so much to offer for someone looking for the right answers. They have staff who constantly seek to help you in every aspect of your life. I’ve worked this program from head to toe and I can assure you that if you work this program not only will you be a productive member of society again, but you’ll leave a whole new person with so many things you can take to others to help them. Safe Harbor of Nashville has given me a new sense of direction. I no longer feel the need to get high . All I do I want to succeed from here on out . They gave me a great job and advice I’ll take with me for the rest of my life. I cannot thank Safe Harbor enough for what they did, and a big shout out to Travis for helping me every step.
~Walker House

We want to give all praise a glory to our great Lord & Savoir! To watch and be a partaker in just how the Holy Spirit is moving at Safe Harbor Nashville is amazing!
Congratulations to 10 participants that chose to be baptized and take their walk deeper with Christ in a public proclamation of the shedding of there old man, and a rebirth anew this month!

Christmas Party 2017 at Safe Harbor of Nashville

October 2017 Graduations
Congratulations to Gerald Minnifield on his graduation from Safe Harbor of Nashville!
Congratulations to Johnathon Patton on his recent graduation from Safe Harbr of Nashville!
October 2017 Awards
Congratulations to Todd Ricks for being our Reliable of the Month for Safe Harbor of Nashville!
Kramer Ashley was our spotlighted staff member of the month! Thank you Kramer for all you do!
Timothy Ford was Safe Harbor of Nashville’s Student Volunteer of the Month!
Congratulations to Demaurice Johnson for achieving Student of the Month at Safe Harbor Nashville!

Fall Revival 2017
Pastor Jimmy bringing the word – “Run your Race”

Good is moving through this campus and bringing even the roughest and toughest crowd to their knees! #good2great


The Nashville Transportation Team is putting in extra time and hours preparing for the busy season ahead for Safe Harbor! #good2great

Congratulations to Richard White for being Student of the Month for May 2017! Two months in a row! Way to go Richard!

Thank you to Tempur-Pedic & to everyone who donated! This is what $232,000.00 worth of mattresses looks like!

Congratulations to Richard White!

2017 1st Quarter Newsletter for Safe Harbor of Nashville

“If you give a man a fish, he will eat for today. If you can teach a man how to fish, he can eat for a lifetime… We seek to teach our men & women how to fish so that they can eat for a lifetime” ~ Brad Bowie
Take a few minutes and enjoy our latest video on what Safe Harbor does for men & women in and around Memphis, Nashville & Clarksville, TN and Little Rock, AR.
As always, thank you to everyone who supports, volunteers, partners with and prays for Safe Harbor & Lighthouse Ministries.

#safeharbormemphis #safeharbornashville #safeharborclarksville #safeharborlittlerock #battleinthesaddle

2017 Battle in the Saddle – Race for the Homeless

Jan 20 – 22, 2017 Safe Harbor Battle in the Saddle took over Tunica, MS. This was our 3rd year in Tunica and the show proved to be a huge blessing. We had over 1000 entries from contestants all over the southeast, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri & Indiana. Along with the great added money that was made possible by our sponsors, we also hosted the KK Productions Run for Vegas. This is a race for girls 16 years & under to qualify for their shot to run at the prestigious finals held in Las Vegas. 

1D Average Winner Katie Hulsey & Boomerang Ta Fame Jr

We are excited at the opportunities that will come from this race. As we tell our contestants, they are helping to change lives one run at a time. Thank you to all who have and who continue to support Safe Harbor!

Students of Safe Harbor helping to keep the show running at Tunica
Some of the awards at Tunica

At Safe Harbor, we consider it a privilege to serve the men and women in our care. These participants have come to us from living in the streets or ex-offenders that needed somewhere to go. We strive to provide them with so much more than food and shelter—we strive to make a lasting difference through group and pastoral counseling, life building classes, and finding them permanent employment which provides stability once they leave our care.

Would you consider partnering with us to make a lasting impact? We appreciate your support and pray that God will bless you as you have blessed!

If you are here because of the itworks CHALLENGE – thank you for supporting our cause! To see how to take the challenge yourself click on the ItWorks logo above and watch the video of our president take the challenge. Don’t forget to donate below!

Ways to Donate:
–Make check payable to Safe Harbor and mail to:
PO Box 22792
Memphis, TN 38122

–By Credit Card Call 901-382-8106

–Use PayPal on this website

– Safe Harbor of Nashville 2018 Statistics –
Men Employed – 583
Taxes Paid – $237,642.31
Child Support Paid – $47,122.83

– Safe Harbor of Nashville 2017 Statistics –
Men Housed – 443
Men Employed – 200
Meals Served – 120,450
Taxes Paid – $220,199.51
Child Support Paid – $69,822.97

-Safe Harbor of Nashville 2016 Statistics-
Men Housed –  745
Men Employed-  596
Meals Served – 120,450
Taxes Paid –  $388,412.48
Child Support Paid – $55,120.56

-Safe Harbor of Nashville 2015 Statistics-
Men Housed – 461
Men Employed – 369
Meals Served – 504,795
Taxes Paid – $265,191.02
Child Support Paid – $36,968.91